In-Office Savings Plan

In-Office Savings Plan

Every Patient Deserves Exceptional Dental Care

At Coastal Dental, we understand that dental treatment can be expensive. Our in-office savings plan is a low cost dental option for anyone without coverage. Our coverage entitles you to preventative dental care at no cost available at all three of our locations! Corrective services are available for discounted prices that are far less than the usual, customary fees.

Unlike traditional insurances, our savings plan offers annual renewal one year after enrollment with no deductible or maximums. While our savings plan is right for some patients, it is not a dental insurance plan and does not cover referrals to specialists. It cannot be combined with any other dental insurance plan and it is the sole responsibility of the member to maximize their benefits by arranging all appropriate appointments within the 12 month membership period. If any appropriate appointments are not used, this does not qualify the member for a full or partial refund. Contact one of our locations for more information on our savings plan enrollment!

Low-Cost Dental Coverages

Individual ~ $390 annually
Individual & Spouse ~ $590 annually

Services Included With Saving Plan Purchase

- Cleaning (twice per calendar year)
- Bitewing X-rays (one set per calendar year)
- Panoramic X-rays (one set every 36 months)
- Full mouth X-rays (one set every 36 months)
- One examination
- Fluoride treatment (twice per calendar year)

Potential Annual Savings

- Periodontal cleanings are subject to a 50% discount, equal up to 2 free per year.
- All other services are available at a 10% discount (excluding sedation fee and Botox and fillers.)